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"We are just about to leave Zurich, and would like to share our great experience at Tammy's in Zurich. We have had our 4 year old son there for the last 3+ years and our 16 months old son there for the last 6 months. The day care is personally led by Tammy with a supporting crew of daycare staff. There is no commitment needed on the number of days per week or hours per day. One can just bring the kids at any time and schedule desired. (We had our oldest there 5 days a week most of the time). The day care receives children from a young age, around 6 months, to 5 years. The day care features great care and warmth towards the children. It is super clean and safe. Our small ones loved going there every day and we would surely repeat our choice and recommend to all. We are happy to provide more first hand experience to anyone interested"
Nadav & Galia
"Hi Tammy. I just wanted to write to you to let you know that we now have a full-time nanny at home so Anaïs will no longer be coming to Tammy’s Daycare on a regular basis. At the moment she is wrapped up in the novelty of having a nanny all to herself but she still talks a lot about you, your colleagues and all the friends she made at your place and I know that she misses you all very much. I personally would like to thank you enormously for the great service you provide in a city where childcare is traditionally:
  • so hard to come by (waiting lists of two or more years!)
  • regimented (drop-off at x time, pick-up at y time and no deviations!)
  • inflexible (three months notice to quit) and
  • expensive (I’m sure I don’t need to tell you that)
Mathilde will also miss her visits during the school holidays, she used to really look forward to them. She loved being in an environment where she was one of the “big kids” and could help out (I hope J) especially playing with the very little ones. So, before I get too sentimental, please be assured that we are all extremely grateful to you and all your colleagues for all the fun, education, nurturing and love you gave my children and even though they will no longer be regulars, there will certainly be times when they will pop by to catch up for a few hours every once in a while. Many, many thanks once again! "
"Dear Tammy & Team, we have just briefly stepped in to your daycare center this afternoon - and am still thrilled by the warmth and spontaneity you all showed to Louis and me. The atmosphere is simply great at your place. We are a so called 'typical' Swiss family but for us it is crystal clear, that we would like to have him growing up in a multi-cultural and multi-lingual environment. I love to spend my time with Louis - but whenever I need to have some 'Louis-free-hours' - this is the place I want Louis to be! Thanks for welcoming us today."
"Dear Tammy, we are writing this morning to confirm that we would like to place our son in your care. As you know, finding suitable child-care is a complex and time consuming process. There are many things to take into consideration. After visiting several child care centers and waying other options, it is clear that Tammy's Day Care is the best place for our son. You and your team have a great rapport with children, your center is well adapted for care, eduction and play. All the kids we met the other day seemed truly energetic, positively stimulated and happy to be with you. And on top of it all, your day care is English speaking! This is very important for us as we want our son to grow up in a multi-lingual, multi-cultural environment. Thanks again for welcoming us."
"I started to bring my first daughter Itzel with Tammy when she was 9 months old in 2002. Since then, I feel really relaxed as I know she is in good hands. Now, I also bring my second daughter Nayeli since she is 4 months old. Is the best place I ever saw, my kids love to go to Tammy's, and they are learning lots of things, the flexibility we have here, and the good education Tammy supports is very satisfactory. Tammy is a very powerfull woman, who is not just on the kids looking at, she also takes care of me, ask me how do I feel and always has nice words for us. Is very satisfactory to see how my girls are getting independet and polite behave. The way Tammy do give love, always with lots of hughs and kisses, that this helps the girls to be open and when they come home also behave properly and always like to be kissed and hughed. The way kids are explained at Tammy's when mammy has to work, and come after work to pick them up, and to be received with a 'How was your day mammy???'. All this help in the communication with the kids, is very nice and helpfull. I just can say, as mother with 2 girls having my kids at Tammy's is the best thing have ever happened to me. I am happy about it and encorage all mothers to try it out. I am happy I have Tammy."
"Being a mum with two small kids, I consider finding Tammy's my best find so far in Zurich! I recommend it to every mum who enquires about daycare. I also added a page on my cookery website for mums who attend classes and need occasional daycare. Tammy's is a no fuss daycare. Compared to other daycare/nurseries in Zurich, her charges are extremely reasonable and advertised in black and white - with no hidden costs. You only pay as and when your kid goes so is very practical and family friendly. Tammy and her staff love children, enjoy what they do and do a very good job. I send my younger kid twice every week and the older one as and when required. Both absolutely love it! Having found Tammy's, I feel like I have found freedom at last - I don't know how I managed before! Thank you so much!"
"I brought my son to Tammy's Daycare Center when he was a year old. He was initially extremely clingy and anxious at being apart from me. This was a challenge at first but the patience and experience of Tammy and the girls, plus the flexible drop-in times, meant that we could gradually increase the time he spent in the Center. After a few weeks he was much happier and now looks forward to spending time there. The atmosphere is lively and affectionate and I would highly recommend it."
"In 1994 when my first son Ryan was born, I had only four months maternity leave. Not realizing how complicated and difficult it is to secure a safe and enjoyable day-care in Switzerland, by pure chance I came across “Tammy’s Day Care” in Seefeld. I have never looked back and have even convinced some seven other parents to bring their children there. Back then Tammy only took children from 10months. Determined to keep my position in the working environment, I begged Tammy to give it a chance. She finally agreed to take Ryan at 5 months. Tammy understands the demand for women to continue working in today’s modern world but also understands that children enjoy being with their own kind, namely other wee children. Tammy encourages the children to share, to give and take and always with so much love. The children always have such lovely birthday parties and the birthday child is really special all day long. Valentine’s Day, Santa Clause and Halloween are always celebrated too and the children simply enjoy themselves so much. Wonderful memories to take along with them of their child-hood days. The children adore Tammy’s young and youthful spirit. My two boys still enjoy spending time at “Tammy’s Day Care”. Being able to drop-off and pick-up your child when you wish is such a luxury. With opening hours from h0700 – h1800, one was free to come and go. With parents popping in at all times during the day Tammy simply has to do an excellent job and does it with such ease and amazement. A truely un-complicated business person who loves children dearly. I have so much to be thankful to Tammy for and wish her continued success at Tammy’s Day Care. I fully recommend it and continue to do so at all times."